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A creamy clay-based exfoliant fortified with plant enzymes and bamboo to gently remove rough- textured surface cells without over-exfoliating the skin. This blend is rich in silica, minerals, anti-inflammatories and natural lipids to also heal the skin once applied. Contains 5% PUMPKIN ENZYME (maximum dose). 

The modified Pumpkin Enzyme we use is sourced in the most sustainable manner possible, as the flesh of the pumpkin is almost wholly considered a byproduct of pumpkin seed harvesting. This flesh which would otherwise be considered a waste product is kept, concentrated, and fermented in order to increase the bio- activity and availability of its individual components. According to the results, 5% modified pumpkin enzyme is capable of increasing cell renewal comparably to glycolic acid. It increased the rate of cell renewal by 25% when compared to an untreated control. 


Bamboo Stem Extract: Rich in silica which is imperative for collagen synthesis & tissue support. This new powder will act as a mild micro polish for damaged cells and rejuvenate a sluggish complexion.


Pumpkin Fruit Ferment: High source of Vitamins A, C, E which will neutralize skin stresses whilst its natural exfoliating properties will help to gently digest impurities for a smoother, more clarified skin texture.


Goji Berry Extract: Packed with Vitamin C, minerals and amino acids, this superfood helps to naturally brighten the skin's complexion and reduce oxidative stress within the skin.


Papaya: An anti-clogging wonder ingredient to facilitate a controlled removal of old, damaged keratin whilst also decreasing inflammation.


Willowbark: Contains Salicylic Acid properties but with a more gentle effect. Helps manage excess oil production and stabilises it. Alleviates redness, pain and swelling associated with pustules.


Recommended for: All skin conditions except broken barrier compromised skin. Especially beneficial for acne, sun damaged skins. 


Directions: Apply a pea-size amount and massage into skin with water. Leave peel on for 3-10 minutes and keep moistened. Repeat only once a week.

Bare Roots Bamboo Enzyme Peel

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