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Image by Olga Thelavart

The new generation of skin needling 

Pro-Stamp® is the most advanced skin needling system in the world and is fast becoming the industry leader in skin rejuvenation.

Pro-Stamp® skin needling system has a unique stamping technology which means the needles are stamped into the skin at a vertical insertion rather than dragged across the skin, therefore providing a safer, less-invasive skin needling treatment with minimal downtime and for superior results.

The disposable needle devices have micro-fine, medical grade stainless steel needles, which create the stimulation of new collagen production within the skin via the wound healing response.

The stamping action of Pro-Stamp®’s vertical needle tip creates micro-trauma within the skin which resets and reboots cellular function, resulting in natural and highly effective skin rejuvenation.

Pro-Stamp® effectively treats fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, stretchmarks, pigmentation, cellulite and more.


Will I need numbing?

Short answer yes, this is to make the process more comfortable for you & efficient for me, especially for the face area. The neck and decolletage isn't as sensitive and some clients prefer not to use on these areas. I can organise this with a compounding pharmacy. 

Is there downtime?

Minimal if any. Some people have no downtime at all, others, may be a little red for 24hrs or have slight swelling in areas that are treated deeper such as acne scarring or around the eyes due to the skin being thinner. You can use a mineral makeup and SPF from day two. Sleeping slightly upright on the first night can help minimise any swelling if it is going to occur. The downtime compared to other skin needling & laser techniques is significantly less. 

Can I exercise after?

Not for the first 48hrs. As with any skin resurfacing treatment we advise not to exercise, use steam rooms/saunas, swimming, and keep showers to a mild temperature. This is because tiny holes are made in the skin, and we want to keep it as clean and free from bacteria as possible.


What about tanning, other facial treatments or anti-wrinkle and fillers?

Again, we ask you to avoid facials and spray/mousse tanning for 48hrs. Please do not use tanning beds or suntan as this can damage your skin and as your skin is healing it can burn more easily. For chemical peels I suggest avoiding these for 3 weeks to give your skin the chance to go through the healing process and allow the Pro-Stamp to work its magic. I do like to perform my Plant Peel at week 3 to compliment the Pro-Stamp procedure. This is a safe and gentle peel using plant enzymes, fruit acids and PGA & Hyaluronic acid for extreme hydration. this is a professional peel that gives a deeper exfoliation whilst maintaining the skins protective barrier. I do also offer these as an individual treatment. 

Antiwrinkle injections and fillers I suggest longer but you can talk to your nurse or doctor for advice. 


How skin needling works 

The purpose of skin needling is the stimulation of new collagen production in your skin. The needling device pricks the skin multiple times to stimulate regeneration via the wound healing cascade. The body responds to this trauma by sending blood to the area for healing. Blood platelets release clotting factors, cytokines, and essential growth factors.

The fibroblasts are activated. When this happens, the fibroblast undergoes cell division and produces collagen, elastin and Glycosaminoglycans which are responsible for firmness, tightness, plumpness and good hydration. As the skin repairs itself, new collagen builds up in the Papillary Dermis (middle layer) just below the surface. This is only one benefit of this treatment.

Micro-trauma of the skin appears to reset or reboot cellular function.

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