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Hello! Rhi here - devoted mama and girl boss at InkSymmetry. I'm a mum of 3 beautiful, active boys, a stepdaughter and 2 fur babies – my playful pups Daisy, a Maltese shih tzu and Reggie, a King Charles Cavalier. So there’s usually always lots happening at my place!

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My Story

We are based in the south-east Queensland, between Brisbane and the Gold Cost (near Mount Tambourine), which we love. It’s magic to be here in this beautiful part of the world after recently moving from chilly Canberra where I grew up. Canberra holds fond memories for us, but after an opportunity arose in sun-kissed south-east Queensland, we jumped at the chance for a lifestyle change. I love the relaxed vibe and family-oriented atmosphere here, plus the amazing weather of course! Every weekend we go on family trips to explore the diverse markets. Plus, the doggos love it, and we don’t miss the frosty Canberra winter nights.

Family life and our kids’ wellbeing is at the core of every decision we make. We have relocated with a dream of creating a new, fulfilling lifestyle for us all and we feel so grateful to be living in this beautiful part of the world.

I have a breadth of experience in the cosmetic skincare industry, having worked at several clinics in Canberra, including 2 years at a Dermatology clinic. I provided a range of skin-care advice for various skin conditions and tailored different treatment approaches. I have worked with clients with acne, rosacea, keratosis polaris, sun damage and poikiloderma, to name just a few.

I have over 10 years of experience in the cosmetic industry, combined with 5 years working for medical associations, I have delivered epidermal resurfacing treatments such as laser, chemical peels, extractions, skin needling and have assisted in superficial skin cancer treatments (PDT). Giving damaged or problem skin its glow back, along with the added effect of enhancing a client’s confidence, is one of the most rewarding elements of my career.

A highlight in my career was working at Woden Dermatology with Dr Diana Rubel, who was instrumental in the development of my understanding of skin and the conditions that affect it. I wouldn’t have the deep understanding of skin that I do without her specialist knowledge, guidance and attention to detail.

From this solid knowledge and experience base, coupled with my profound belief about the importance of helping people with their skin and giving them much-need confidence in life, the idea of InkSymmetry was born. I wanted to offer high-end selective treatments using products that contain only the finest most bioavailable ingredients and that really work.

When I first started in the industry in 2006, I was asked where I see myself in 10 years. I vividly recall that it was “to have my own business and live in Queensland”! I am thrilled to now see my dream come to fruition after all these years, and to be able to deliver a holistic, balanced skin-care approach from the studio in South Brisbane.


p: 0400 078 904

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